D&D – Eryn Draedic

D&D is life. When I created Eryn somewhere last year I didn’t expect her to become this full, dimensional character

Commission – character sketches

Sketch commissions for a customer. This is one of my favourite things to do; bring game (be it tabletop or digital) characters


Sketch commission for a friend.

Custom book cover art – Wichita Falls

I was happy to work with the author to create a custom book cover for her and bring her characters to life. The book is availa


Dragon Age – Fenris

D&D – so this happened…

My party consists out of people going around touching magical orbs without knowing what they do… It all gave them some s

Sketch page – smol arms club

Sketch vs Cosplay

Staring contest

We all know it.


Team Free Will



So the Clone Wars was 80% banter between these two…


Sketch page – Quick café sketches

Made while sitting in a café, watching people come and go. Good practice to quickly observe people’s most interesting f

Star Wars – Rey

A gift for a friend who cosplays Rey.

Lyra Navarr


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Dean Winchester

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Sam Winchester

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Sketch page – Expressions


Star Wars – Asajj Ventress

Star Wars – Obi-Wan

Ewan McGregor had better return as Obi-Wan at some point.

Spaghetti Western

I love me some westerns. Here’s my poncho husband Clint.

D&D Bren & Eryn

In our current campaign, my grumpy ranger Eryn Draedic had bonded with Bren (a barbarian girl who only speaks cat) This is how